sugar wax mustache

diy sugar wax

It’s my very first post, and I mustache you a question…

do you have a ‘stache?

(Way to start out cheesy, huh?) :)

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I sure do. :o)

So, when I ran across this pin  from My Plastic Free Life about homemade sugar wax, I thought it might be the perfect way to get rid of my ‘stache.

It didn’t work great for my ‘stache.. I think the hairs were too fine (thank goodness I don’t have thick mustache hairs! haha). But it worked great on my thick, animal-like arm hair. (Ok, it’s not that bad, but close!) It was definitely still painful, but kinda fun, in a weird way.

Also, it was a little hard to get the right sticky, waxy consistency. I microwaved it for the recommended 30-35 seconds and it was still really runny. I let it cool to see if it’d thicken and get waxy, but it didn’t.

So I made another batch and tried microwaving it longer, about 60 seconds total, and it finally worked! It got thicker (not super thick, just enough to notice a difference) and it got stickier too.

Since all microwaves seem to cook a little differently, I’d recommend starting with the recommended 30-35 seconds and adding more until it’s just right. Be warned, it will bubble while it’s in the microwave, and that’s what ya want it to do. :)

In case you want to give it a try, here’s the recipe. :)

sugar wax recipe

Have you tried making your own sugar wax before? Are you gonna give it a try? Feel free to share any tips or questions in the comment section. I’d love to hear about your results! :)


  1. seven1122

    With sugar waxing you can actually apply the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth and then pull the other way, with the natural direction. Its really cool and my favorite yo wax with. I am going to school to be an esthetician and it is by far the easiest to wax with. You can also go over the same spot multiple times without lifting or irritation. Which you can’t do with honey wax

    • Christina

      Oh wow, that’s great to know! Thank you for sharing! :) I have a question for ya, if you don’t mind. :) You said that with a sugar wax you can go over the same spot multiple times without irritation (awesome!). And you said that you can’t do that with a honey wax. Since the recipe I posted above has honey in it, is there a way to make sugar wax without honey? Would you mind sharing your favorite recipe? I’d love to try it! But if it’s a secret I totally understand! :)

      • Christina

        You got me thinking, so I did some more research and was excited to see that you can make sugar wax without honey. I also see that you can buy it too! I ordered some from Amazon and I can’t wait to try it. :)

  2. Leigh

    I tried your recipe because it seemed the most simple and didnt require a candy thermometer. I right away microwaved it for 60 seconds and as I let it cool I read more of your instructions. When I went back to my mix, instead of nice wax I had hard candy. Will try 30 secs next time! If you overcook, on the bright side you get candy.

    • Christina

      Haha, way to look on the bright side! Thanks for the smile. It took me a couple trial runs too. I just had to keep microwaving in small increments until it seemed to be the right consistency. I was trying to avoid the thermometer too because I don’t have one, but it does seem like it might make things easier. I’m sorry it didn’t turn out for you!